Annual Stewardship

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Dear Parish Family,

The photographs on these pages offer a glimpse into the vibrant life of Christ Church. All that happens here is possible, by the grace of God, because we care enough about the mission of Christ Church to share generously from what we have been given. Thanks to the generosity of our members and the prudent nancial management of our staff, Finance Committee, and Vestry, our parish is thriving and our budget is balanced.

In the various stages of life, each of us counts on
Christ Church in unique ways. The church can be a source of strength and stability in an uncertain time. It can be the place we turn for inspiration, consolation, companionship, or pastoral care. It is a house of prayer – a place to talk to, and to listen for God. Christ Church offers meaningful opportunities to serve our neighbors in need. The church is where we lift up our children for Baptism and Con rmation, the place where we gather with family and friends for joyous weddings, and where we come to grieve as we lay our beloved ones to rest. It is our privilege and responsibility to support the place that so often supports us.

I thank God for the honor and joy of being a member of this church family, and I thank God to be on this journey with you!

Together in Christ,

The Rev. James P. Adams