Office of Communications

Office of Communications

Information and Guidelines for Event Promotion

A communications plan for your event will ensure that the hard work you and your team have put in is maximized with great attendance and participation. Scheduling parish-wide and/or targeted communications is a primary function of the office of communications.

Suggested Schedule for Promoting Your Event

Where do you start?

A great first step is to contact Elizabeth McKinnon, the communications director at

When should you begin planning event promotion?

Two things that can limit event participation are promoting too late, and promoting too early. People need adequate time to plan to attend, but not so much notice that they forget your event is happening.

To keep that from happening, here are some general timelines to follow:

Two – three months before the event

  • Contact Elizabeth to start the process of creating a promotion schedule.
  • Schedule “save the date” communications
  • Decide what information you need to collect from participants. If you need registration forms or online registration, now is the time to begin creating those tools.
  • Set an R.S.V.P. date if necessary. (Typically one week prior to the event for headcounts only, 10-14 days prior if meal planning is required.)

One – two months before the event

  • Based on the size of your event, or the commitment required from participants (i.e., multiple-day events like Kanuga or VBS) regular promotion for up to two months might make sense. If this is the plan, make sure there are a number of details that can be highlighted. (i.e., each week’s promo might feature a different highlight of the event).

Four weeks before the event

  • Begin promoting in weekly church communications (Parish Weekly, Christ Church eNews)
  • Send out an email to potential participants (whole parish or targeted segment of the congregation), if necessary
  • Begin promotion on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

Week of the event

  • Send out an email reminder (if necessary) to the parish or targeted segment of the congregation
  • Send out an email reminder to participants who have registered (the communications office can send this, or provide the event planner with a participant list)
  • Highlight the event in the weekly Christ Church eNews

Remember, these are very general guidelines, meant to serve as a starting point as you begin to plan your event. Each event can, and should, have a tailored communication plan based on the goals and needs of the person or group planning that event.

As you begin the process, the best place to start is by having a conversation. To talk about your specific needs, contact the Director of Communications by email or by calling the church.

Important Communication Deadlines

Christ Church has a number of weekly communications designed to reach the entire parish, and many other methods that can be targeted to a specific demographic within the parish community. In order to create publications that best serve this large audience, there are a few deadlines that must be kept each week. These are designed to ensure adequate time to format and polish each piece of information before it is sent out.

Here are the general deadlines for regular Christ Church publications:

  • Parish Weekly (printed, in-bulletin): Monday for publication on the following Sunday
  • Christ Church Weekly: Wednesday for publication on Friday
  • Email Invitation/Reminder for your Event: Three days prior to requested send date
  • News Article on Website: One – two days prior to requested publish date
  • Facebook/Instagram Update: Generally available to post same-day

If you’re sending information for publication, and you’re not using the communication request form, or if you have any general questions about publication deadlines, please email the Director of Communications, or call the church (919.834.6259).

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