Design Elements (CC Style Guide)

Design Elements (CC Style Guide)

The Christ Church Logo

The logo is used on all publications to be distributed outside the Church. It appears on many internal publications as well.

The logo should be reproduced only in black or PMS 2955. When the logo is used with other graphic elements, ample space should be provided to avoid visual clutter and confusion.

In order to preserve legibility, the log should not be used in sizes below one inch from the top of the cross to the baseline of the the type, “On Capitol Square.” The logo should never be printed on so dark a surface that legibility would be compromised.

The logo is available in the following electronic formats: EPS, TIFF, JPG. The logo should never be copied directly from the web, because the 72 dpi resolution of web graphics is insufficient for print materials.


The Christ Church identity uses two typefaces, Sabon, the primary typeface, and Frutiger, the secondary.

Each typeface is available in several versions including italic, bold and small caps, any of which is acceptable. Where possible, use italic or bold face rather than underlining for emphasis.

Sabon is most readable for text no smaller than 10 pt.

Frutiger is most readable for text no smaller than 8 pt.