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Looking for a way to meet/become better acquainted with people at Christ Church?

Consider joining a Foyers group!

How does Foyers work?

A first host is designated at the beginning of the Foyers season. Members should bring their calendars to the first dinner and be prepared to set dates and times for the following meetings. Once everyone has hosted, this group ends. There aren't any major rules, so groups can decide to have meals in homes, meet in restaurants, etc.

Groups are set up twice a year, in September and in February. There is a break for the summer.

Does everyone in the group volunteer to host?

Usually they do, with single members sometimes pairing up as hosts. However, if you don't feel that you can host or assist, don't be concerned-just let the group know that for this particular session, you will be unable to assist. Sometimes assisting another host might just be bringing a simple salad or dessert.

What expectations do members have for meals?

The purpose of Foyers is to create a relaxed atmosphere that brings folks together for Christian fellowship and to foster community among members of Christ Church. Therefore, it is suggested that meals be simple and relatively inexpensive. The beauty of meals in homes is variety. So, everyone should feel comfortable in planning and preparing a meal that is right for them. Take-out pizza is a treat when shared with friends! Arriving and ending on time makes everyone more comfortable. It is usually about a 2- to 3-hour evening.

Is the host responsible for planning a program?

No, actually this is one of the attractions of Foyers-it's a fairly unstructured event. The host says a blessing or asks someone to do so.