Dismantling Racism Task Force (October 2020)

Keynote Speaker Series:

Christ Church is offering a series of keynote speeches in the fall and spring (via Zoom) that speak to the importance of dismantling racism. We will also explore Christ Church’s own history around race, tracing back nearly 200 years. Contact: The Rev. Mary Davila


Civic Engagement and Advocacy:

This is a two-party initiative, one with a specific timeframe, and one that is ongoing.

“It is a Christian obligation to vote, and more than that, it is the church’s responsibility to help get souls to the polls.” Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

Given our Presiding Bishop’s charge, the committee of Agnes Stevens, Doug Holbrook, and Jane Forde have been working to:

  • Provide the Christ Church community with accurate and concise non-partisan information about voting in the Nov. 3 election.
  • Encourage Christ Church to engage with the community by voting.

Second, the committee is recommending further exploration of a potential partnership between Christ Church and residents of the Rochester Heights neighborhoods and St. Ambrose Episcopal Church, as the proposed Downtown South project progresses. Contact: The Rev. Mary Davila


Small Diverse Groups through the Encouraging Place:

How do we communicate, listen, and engage in these tumultuous times when emotions run high? How do we bridge the racial divide? Reggie Edwards, through her Raleigh-based ministry The Encouraging Place, believes it is through one small group at a time. Reggie brings people together and invites them to talk – to meet at the table of racial reconciliation. These small groups gather monthly and provide open and safe spaces where honest conversations take place, where we call each other to more truth and love, and where we work side by side to share and grow. The first of these small groups has formed and is starting in October. If interested in participating in a group, please email Kim Shirley. As people express interest, future groups will start gathering on a rolling basis. Contact: Kim Shirley.


The Inner Journey – A Vital Balance to our Work in the World:

The work of dismantling racism can feel overwhelming, and we can quickly become disheartened by the thought that we are not making sustained progress, or that we are unsure about our own path to contribute to this effort. What inner, spiritual tools can we cultivate to help us navigate this uncertain terrain and give us the life-sustaining fuel to begin and to continue the journey? Participants in this group will explore well-established practices of this inner journey, focusing initially upon a pivotal book, The Inner Work of Racial Justice: Healing Ourselves and Transforming Our Communities Through Mindfulness, by Rhonda Magee. We will soon announce on the Christ Church website, our group’s start date. If you are interested in participating or have questions, please email Stannie Brewer or Martha Mason. Contacts: Stannie Brewer and Martha Mason.

Resource Materials:

Resource materials are presented as a select collection of books, films, videos, podcasts, and documents that provide multiple opportunities to learn – in a methodical and in-depth way – about the origins, long-term history, and ongoing impacts of systemic racism in America. In spite of these hard realities of our past and present, hope for a better future permeates much of these materials as we are all called to action: to implement real and lasting solutions to the problems of racial injustice in our communities and our country. Contact: Charlotte Wooten.

Click here to view these resource materials.