Christ Church Permanent Funds

Invested Funds Established Purpose
Memorial & Endowment Fund (includes Lucy Darst, Harry Hargrave, John C. Williams ) Unrestricted
Josiah Watson 1862 Educational Purposes
Book of Remembrance 1955 Medical assistance for needy
Dorothy Pope Greenwood Fund 1973 Vestry directed for clergy housing assistance
Needlepoint Fund 1980 Memorials in Needlepoint and upkeep
Suzanne D. Allen Fund 1983 Income expended for maintenance of parish property
J.W. Purrington, Jr. Fund 1983 Bells for tower and facilities for bell ringers
Maude Grimes Memorial Fund 1986 Funeral Pall purchase/maintenance
AC Moore Altar Guild Fund 1987 Altar Guild; eucharistic vestment purchase/maintenance
ML Richardson ALtar Guild 1988 Altar Guild needs
Richardson/Withers Memorial 1990 Flowers for last Sunday in July; remainder spent at vestry discretion
Jane McKimmon Music Fund 1990 Special Music Events
Winston Kitchen Fund 1995 Kitchen equipment replacement
Eloise Cofer Altar Guild 2004 Altar Guild needs
Isabella Williams Smith 2004 Special Speaker for Adult Education; Williams Symposium
Youth Ministry Endowment 2007 Scholarships for parish youth for camps, conferences, college expenses
Clark's Promise 2010 Clark's Promise homeless ministry
Winston Courtyard Fund 2010 Maintenance of Tharon Sapp Memorial Garden and South Courtyard
Charles & Sandra Smith Fund 2015 Assistance for church family (PFAF)
Baker Organ Organ upkeep and maintenance