Annual Stewardship

Dear Parish Family,

When I reflect on the many blessings of our life together, I thank God for you. Your devotion to the work of Christ Church is truly extraordinary. The vitality of our parish and its increasing impact on our lives and the lives of our neighbors are a direct result of your commitment to the work God has given us to do together.

I still believe that, though it is less than perfect, the Church is God’s best idea for the renewal of our lives, the strengthening of our families, and the healing of this beautiful but broken world. Christ Church is the place we turn to celebrate life’s great joys and the place we turn when everything falls apart. This is where we dream of a world that is more loving and more just and where we roll up our sleeves and share in the work that can make that dream a reality.

Your clergy, wardens, and vestry are deeply committed to strengthening the core ministries of Christ Church while maintaining a sound financial foundation. Now, we are being asked to make a pledge of financial support for the coming year. Our pledge is the way we say “Yes” to what God is doing at Christ Church, and all of our pledges make it possible for us to do together what none of us can do alone.

Together in Christ,

The Rev. James P. Adams

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pledge?

A pledge is not a gift made today. Rather, a pledge is your promise to provide a certain amount of financial support to the work of Christ Church in the year ahead. Each fall, members are asked to complete a pledge card for the year ahead, so the Finance Committee and Vestry can plan for the coming year's budget.

Christ Church does not have an endowment to fund day-to-day expenses. Annual pledges and offerings are the only source of support for worship and programs in our parish.

Why Should I Pledge?

Christ Church asks for our pledge now, so that our parish leadership can plan the program life of the parish for the year ahead, and do so with a balanced budget. Making an annual stewardship pledge is a commitment of your financial support for the coming year. You may fulfill your pledge on any schedule that meets your needs - weekly, monthly, quarterly or in one lump sum.

The vitality of the parish depends on your ongoing, committed support. This support includes your financial commitment, participation in worship and other parish activities, including the offering of your time and talent.

A pledge lets you plan your charitable giving for the year ahead, makes tax accounting easier, and allows Christ Church to plan its programs.

How Much Should I Give?

Suggested annual pledge: To better help you reach the goal of tithing, take some time to review the chart below. Find the income level in the first column that most closely matches your income, and then follow the numbers horizontally to determine annual levels of giving to the Church. Percentages are listed at the top with corresponding monthly tithing amounts below. Consider stepping up your giving by moving one or more columns to the right for your annual pledge.

Annual Income 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% 12% 15%
$40k 804 1596 2400 3204 3996 4800 6000
$60k 1200 2400 3600 4800 6000 7200 9000
$80k 1596 3204 4800 6396 8004 9600 12000
$100k 2004 3996 6000 8004 9996 12000 15000
$150k 3000 6000 9000 12000 15000 18000 22500
$200k 3996 8004 12000 15996 20004 24000 30000
$250k 5004 9996 15000 20004 24996 30000 37500
$300k 6000 12000 18000 24000 30000 36000 45000
How do I fulfill my pledge?

Making your pledge represents your promise to make contributions to Christ Church in the coming year. You may pledge online, use a pledge card found in the lobby, or send a confidential email to Sarah Wolf.

You may pay your pledge on any schedule that suits your needs during the course of the year.

You may make payments toward your pledge by placing a check in the offering plate on Sunday morning, by mail, online, through stock gifts or by authorized bank draft. For more information or to make your pledge, contact Sarah Wolf (919.834.6259 x110).