(Extra) Ordinary Time

A summer podcast series from Christ Church

Connect with Christ Church even as you're on the road this summer with our new podcast series, (Extra) Ordinary Time. Join us for six episodes, each one focusing on a particular aspect of spying the extra-ordinary within our everyday lives. The interviews feature parishioners and are conducted by The Rev. Mary Davila. We hope you find these stories to be meaningful, inspiring, hopeful and extra-ordinary!

Episode 1 (link)
June 27 - Ashley Andrews shares her story of healing and how God has walked with her as she has sought treatment for a brain tumor.

Episode 2 (link)
July 4 - Sally Wooten offers some glimpses of seeing the sacred within the ordinary.

Episode 3 (link)
July 11 - John Ward reminds us of the extra-ordinary history of Christ Church.

Episode 4 (link)
July 18 - Miriam Ragsdale, age 12, reflects on the extra-ordinary joys of summer.

Episode 5 (link)
July 25 - Coles Jones talks about creating community throughout life's various stages.

Episode 6 (link)
Aug. 1 - David Hood considers the vocational nature of his work as an investment advisor.

BONUS TRACK - Episode 7 (link)
Aug. 8 - The Rev. Meg Buerkel Hunn reflects on her time at Christ Church and her plans as she and her family are in the process of moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where her husband has been elected to serve as the Bishop of the Diocese of the Rio Grande.