Thinking about joining us at Christ Church for the first time? Use this link to view helpful information for first-timers!

General Information

Office Hours

Inclement Weather Updates & Policy

Pastoral Services

Who do I contact if a loved one is hospitalized?

  • During regular business hours, call 919-834-6259 or email Margaret Quigley via mquigley@ccral.org during non-business hours, emergency contact numbers for clergy will be available at the number above.

Who do I call if there is a death in my family?

Who do I call when my baby is born?

How do I schedule a wedding at Christ Church?

How do I schedule a baptism?

How do I pre-plan for a funeral?

Member Information

How do I update my address or contact information?

How can I find out more about Christ Church and becoming a member?

How can I support the church financially?

How can I make a gift in memory or thanksgiving for a loved one?

Worship Information

How do I listen to past sermons?

I’m planning to visit the Episcopal Church. May I take communion?

  • All persons who have been baptized, and are therefore part of the extended family that is the Church, are welcome to receive the bread and wine, and be in communion with God and each other.

At what age may my child take communion?

  • All persons who have been baptized may receive communion, including children.  This is a wonderful discussion to have as a family about when is the right time for your child to take communion. Clergy welcome any questions you may have about communion.

How can I give altar flowers for the Sanctuary during worship services?

  • If you would like to donate flower arrangements for use in our worship services, please call Anderson Davis at the main church line (919) 834-6259 or email her at adavis@ccral.org to see what dates are available and to reserve a spot. View more information via this link.

I am unable to walk to the altar for communion. How can I receive communion?

  • Please notify an usher if you would like to receive communion at your seat.

First Time at Christ Church

How do I get there?

  • Our address is 120 E. Edenton St. in Raleigh. Please reference the map below for church entrances.

Where do I park?

Where are the church sanctuary and chapel entrances located?

  • Our main entrance is on Wilmington Street between Edenton Street and New Bern Place. The chapel entrance is on Edenton Street between the Edenton Street and Wilmington Street intersection.

Facility Questions

How do I reserve a room at Christ Church?

  •  Contact Anderson Davis via adavis@ccral.org to inquire about reserving a meeting space for your group.

Where is lost and found?

  • Lost and found is located by the reception area near our entrance.  Contact Anderson Davis via adavis@ccral.org for questions about lost items.