J.O.Y. Programs and Services

Annual Tea / Luncheon

To be scheduled for parishioners 75 and older.

End of Life

  • Distribution of Ashes in the Christ Church Memorial Garden. To request that ashes be interred in the Christ Church Memorial Garden, please contact Sarah Hardesty.
  • Finishing Well is a resource created by a group of dedicated Christ Church parishioners and our clergy. This booklet aims to provide a guide for making practical plans for the end of life.

Join us via Zoom on Wednesday, Sept. 16, at noon. The Rev. Jennifer C. Brown will discuss “Finishing Well” and share Christ Church’s Finishing Well booklet – a resource for end-of-life planning for you and your loved ones. Use this link to learn more and to register for this class.

Greeting Cards

The church sends birthday and anniversary cards to parishioners who are 65 and older.

Monthly Eucharist

Clergy offer Eucharist at two assisted living facilities: Springmoor and The Cardinal, once each month.

Lunch and Learn

A variety of programs, both secular and religious, are offered for fellowship and learning.

Monthly Newsletter

By request,  the church will send you a monthly newsletter by mail.

Pastors’ Aide  

Parishioners deliver casseroles and stews to those in times of illness or need.


Adults (mostly 60 and older) meet monthly in the homes of parishioners for food and fellowship.