Legacy Guild

The Christ Church Legacy Guild

When you make a bequest or contribution of any size to Christ Church either in your will or through a trust arrangement, you become a member of the Christ Church Legacy Guild, which was founded in 1998. The Legacy Guild, with your permission, recognizes all parishioners who have made a provision for the church as part of their estate plan. The amount is always confidential.

Contemporary Members

Allene and James Adams
Arch T. Allen III
Penny Andrews
Marks Arnold
Blanche and Zack Bacon
Gloria and Michael Becker
Erla Beegle
Elizabeth A. Bell
David Black
Mary Alice and Philip E. Blank, Jr.
Elizabeth and Martin Borden
Margaret and Ted Bratton
Carol and Martin H. Brinkley
Ann Beland Brooks
Mary Craig and Brick Brown
Mary Jane and Douglas A. Bryant
Copie and Jim Cain
Muff and Judge Carr, Jr.
Judy and Winston B. Charles
Marion Johnson Church
Patricia and Gregory Coggins
Al M. Conyers
Coco and J.B. Davis III
Maryann and Glenn M. Davis
Anne and Marsden deRosset
Thomas Emmel
Tate Garrison
Linda and Robert Grew (gift directed to Clark’s Promise)
Sallie and Gordon Grubb
Olivia Hardin
Betty and Les Harrison
Emmett and Hubert Haywood III
Nancy Grimes Haywood
Virginia and Frederick Horton
Leigh Ann Wilder and John Holding
Lisa Ives
Louise Johanson
Earl Johnson, Jr.
Eleanor Thomas Jones
H. Reid Jones, Jr.
Joanna and Alan Jones
W. Bain Jones, Jr.
Martha and Robert E. Leak
Judy and Gordon LeGrand
Betsy Ludwig
Walker and John I. Mabe, Jr.
Peter C. MacBeth
Larry Maddison, Jr.
Marilynn and Ray Mains
Virginia H. Maxwell
Juliet Moore
Sharon and Fredi Morf (gift directed to McKimmon Music)
Anita and Tim Nicholls
Dell and George Paschal
Gail Perry
William D. Poe, Jr.
Kipp Powell
Suzy Purrington
Jane Rogers
Cece and Peter M. Scott III
Mark Self
Susie and Milton Small
Eve and Sherwood Smith
Sandra Smith
Danny Taylor
Kate Taylor
Adriane Thomasian
Joe Trostel
Mary Tucker
Libbie and David Ward
H. Dargan Morris and J. Blount Williams
Liza and Joel Williams
Flo and Charles M. Winston
Cathryn C. Zevenhuizen
Anonymous (9)

Historical Members

Arch T. Allen, Jr. in memory of his wife, Annette Tucker Allen
Nell W. Allen
Suzanne D. Allen
William R. Allen
Mrs. B. A. Badger in memory of Mildred Badger Telfair
A.L. Baker
Ashby L. Baker
Julian T. Baker
Nancy Fish Baker
James Marshall Belvin in memory of his mother, Lillie Viola Belvin
Barbara Besson
John C. Bingham
Mary Sumner Blount
Mary Marshall Briggs
Bessie Love Brimley in memory of her sister, Carlotta Love
Alice Willson Broughton
Margaret C.D. Burgwyn
Joan H. Burkhardt
Allie Y. Bynum
James R. Bynum
Sallie Mayo Cameron
Eloise S. Cofer
John Farmer Cole in memory of his mother, Hattie Farmer Cole, and his aunt, Louise Elizabeth Farmer
Lucy S. Darst
Lillie A.E. Dodd
John C. Drewry
Nancy Duckett
Beth C. Ethridge
William C. Ethridge
Louise Elizabeth Farmer
Bessie T. Fellowes
Elizabeth Flint Fox in memory of her mother, Elizabeth Emerson Ashe
P.G. Fox, Jr.
John Gatling in memory of his parents, Bart M. Gatling & Lenora Crudup Gatling
Sallie B. Gatling
Delia Haywood Gray
Dorothy Pope Greenwood
Maude V. Grimes
Olivia Blount Grimes
Eugene Hardin
Harry Hargrave
Lodwick Charles Hartley
Janet Hogg Hawkins
Alice and Henry Dockery Haywood
Frank P. Haywood
Maria T. Haywood
May Davis Higham in memory of her husband, John Vincent Higham
Florence M. Hill
Rosa Gilmoure Hill
Mary Hilliard Hinton
Robert Cooke Howison, Jr.
Billie G. Hurt
Earl Johnson, Sr.
Margery Johnson
May V. Johnson
Phyllis H. Jones
Mary C. and William Joslin
Emma Jane Karrer
Mary Grimes Keeble
Margaret S. Merriman Kenney
Bessie Smedes Leak
Helen C. Lehew
Richard Henry Lewis
Elizabeth P. Lynch
Henrietta P. Martin
Eleanor Mason
Madge Herring Matthews
Arthur McKimmon
Albertine C. Moore in memory of her parents, Van Boddie Moore and Elizabeth Crudup Moore
Anne Rutledge Moore
Bartholemew Figures Moore
Florence Moore
James Moore in memory of his mother, Lucy Williams Moore
Olivia Blount Cowper Moore in memory of her sister-in-law, Albertine Crudup Moore
Georgia D. Mordecai
William G. Mordecai
Eloise Mullen
John McGhee
Eleanor C. Ogilby in memory of The Rev. Edward Leslie Ogilby
Reginald Page
Sallie E. Page
Annie Parker
Charlotte T. Parker
Sylbert Pendleton
Rosalie Richardson Poe
Thomas C. Powell III
William I. Procter
Alfred L. Purrington, III
Nella G. Purrington
Mary Ellen Ragland
Nettie H. Reid
John T. Richardson
Mary Laurens Richardson in memory of her mother, Jane Pescud Withers
Elizabeth Moore Ruffin
S.G. Ryan
Ben M. Sasser
Philip Hooks Sasser
Thomas K. Seawell in memory of his wife, Phoebe Reynolds Norton Seawell
Julia W. Skinner
Charles Smith, Jr.
Haywood Clark Smith
Jean Poe Smith
William B. Snow, Jr.
Mary S. Speight
Mary Haywood Stearns
Harry Stewart
Jane Grimes Thomas
Thomas Thomasian
Daisy W. Thompson
Elizabeth Warren Thompson
Thomas Trumbull
Mary Alice Tucker
Mary Eleanor Tucker
Eleanor and Robert Upton
Josephine Johnson Ward
John Waller Wardlaw, Sr.
John W. B. Watson
Josiah Ogden Watson
Alfred Williams III
John C. Williams
Ruth L. and Peter P. Williams
B. Robert Williamson, Jr.
Herbert L. Williamson in memory of his wife, Nannie Lee Williamson
Sadie Tucker Williamson
Jean and Brodie Winborne
Elizabeth H. Winfree
Alice Yates