We offer a wide range of diverse opportunities for formation, education and spiritual growth both on Sundays and throughout the week.

Bible Study Offerings

Book Study – The Wisdom of the Beguines: Medieval Women Seeking Independence

Led by The Rev. Mary Davila, Catherine Farley, & Katie Wood

The story of the beguines needs to be told! These faith-filled women began to gather in the Low Countries of Europe in the 12th century, and the last known one died in the 1800/1900s. Beguines were laywomen, not nuns, and they did not live in monasteries. They practiced a remarkable way of living independently, and they were never a religious order or a formalized movement. However, they embraced a visionary spirituality, practiced unusual business acumen, and exhibited a courageous commitment to the poor and sick. 
We will dip into the well of hope and faith embodied by these women, and consider how their lives inspire us today.
7:30-8:30 p.m. via Zoom
Thursday, Jan. 21
Thursday, Jan. 28
Tuesday, Feb. 2 (The author of the book, Sister Laura Swan, will join us from Oregon for this gathering!)

Book Study – Becoming Ms. Burton: From Prison to Recovery to Leading The Fight for Incarcerated Women

Led by The Rev. Jenny Brown

Join this eight-week book study, which will use the genre of memoir and Susan Burton’s particular story in order to look deeper into ourselves and the families/systems that shape us. We will read this book together and simultaneously keep a prayer journal of reflections guided by Jenny. The format will be (via zoom) – 20 minute lecture, 15 minutes of large group reflection upon the assigned chapters, 30 minutes of small group and journal sharing, and 10 minutes of shaping the reading and journaling for the upcoming class. This group will begin meeting Oct. 11, from noon until 1:15 p.m. The class will run through Dec. 13 (excluding Nov. 29). To register, please contact The Rev. Jenny Brown. This class will be limited to 50 participants.

Bible Works: Tools for Living

Led by The Rev. Jim Adams

Learn more about Bible Works here (link).

Bible Works – Tools for Living

The Rev. Jim Adams is beginning a new, four-week Bible Works series on First Thessalonians Nov. 24. New episodes will be sent to you via email on Tuesdays and you can listen to the full series using the link below:

Sept. 22 – Nov. 17: The Rev. Jim Adams explores Saint Paul’s Letter to the Philippians. Known as one of the most optimistic and encouraging of Paul’s epistles, it was written around 61AD, ironically, from a prison cell. Paul’s faith was deepened during this trying time and his determination to share the Gospel only increased because of his own hardship. He shares with the Christians at Philippi a faith that is robust and joyful, in soaring language that is both realistic and deeply theological.



Adult Christian Formation

Anchored in Hope: We have this hope, a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul (Hebrews 6:19)

Each Monday morning, we’ll send a new video lecture to your email and post it on this page, Vimeo, and our Facebook page. We have a fabulous slate of speakers offering reflections on topics such as faith, mental health, wellness, prayer, racism, music, and Bible study.

Adult Christian Formation Fall Schedule