Adult Christian Formation

The fall 2021 session of Adult Christian Formation at Christ Church began Oct. 3. Our theme is “Going Forward, Together,” and features a cadre of speakers who address faith, wellness, healing, justice, and wholeness. We will meet from 10:20 to 10:50 a.m. in the parish hall. An audio recording of each lecture will be available the following day via SoundCloud.

View the October speaking schedule below:

Oct. 3 – The Rev. James P. Adams – “A Time for Healing

Mindful of how painful and disorienting the past 18 months have been, our rector, The Rev. Jim Adams, will begin our adult education year with an exploration of God’s healing grace, as it is found in Holy Scripture, poetry, story, and song. We will explore how these rich resources can serve as a kind of “spiritual GPS,” to help us find our way home again.

Listen via this link.

Oct. 10 – The Rev. David Frazelle – “Going Forward Together, In Faith: An Autobiographical Approach

We live our lives moving forward, but we understand them looking backwards. Seeing how God has been present and active in our lives in the past can help clarify the present and future, into which God calls us. David Frazelle will share a brief version of his spiritual autobiography, with the hope that his story might help illuminate elements of your own.

Listen via this link.

Oct. 17 – The Rev. Daniel J. Reeves – “Unclinched Fists: Opening up Our Hands to be Led by the Spirit”

Drawing upon his past experience of teaching tennis, Daniel will explore how we may open ourselves to be led and to be changed by the Holy Spirit. This talk will include an exercise of a contemplative practice of entering into Holy Scripture.

Listen via this link.

Oct. 24 – The Rev. Mary Davila – “Going Forward Together: The Road to Emmaus

As some of Jesus’ followers make their way back home from Jerusalem, having endured the death of Jesus and not yet believing the good news of his resurrection, Jesus meets them. In what ways are we on a similar journey, feeling downcast about all that we see and hear, and yet so longing to remain open to the truth that God makes all things new?

Oct. 31 – Liz Howes – “Marked as Christ’s Own Forever: Our story of Belovedness and Belonging”

Baptism is the place where we celebrate and acknowledge our belonging to God, whether it is our own baptism or that of someone else. What does it look like to allow ourselves to belong to God? How does it change the way we see ourselves? Join us as we reflect on the prayers and promises shared at baptism and why, with each service, we witness we are drawn deeper into the story.

Committee Members

Janice McLaughlin – Chair

Jennifer Doerfler – Incoming Chair

Sally Wooten – Vestry Representative

Lindsay Sartorio – Communications Chair

The Rev. Mary Davila

Mack Little

Meredith Nelson

Betsy Ludwig

Ronda Stahl

Delois Ward

In the Winter/Spring of 2021, ACF speakers discussed topics such as faith, environmental justice, wellness, grief, resurrection and more. The theme for the series was Anchored in Hope: We have this hope, a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul (Hebrews 6:19).

Watch recorded versions of ACF below: