Sunday School Curriculum

Children’s Ministry Sunday School Curriculum

2 through 4-year-old classrooms are working from lessons written by Pam Dameron, and updated by Emily Jenkins. Our youngest students learn about the Old and New Testaments through playtime, storytelling, art, music and prayer. The goal of our preschool curriculum is to help the child perceive church as a pleasant and secure place, to understand the immeasurable greatness of Go’d love from His people, and to see himself as a child of God and the apple of His eye.

Kindergarten classrooms will enjoy Godly Play lessons from a team of 11 talented teachers. Godly Play is a method of telling the stories of our Christian heritage using carefully chosen words and lesson pieces which capture the imagination of the children. The children have the opportunity to respond to the stories through wondering questions and artwork.

The older children enjoy three different curricula for the year – 

1st grade classrooms will use sermons4kids.comas the backbone for their lessons. These are sweet sermons and stories perfect for this age group. After Christmas, our 1st graders begin a First Grade Communion curriculum, with field trips and guest speakers to inform and engage them in a deeper understanding about the Eucharist and our church. This 12-week series will culminate in a First Grade Communion Service and Celebration.

2nd & 3rd grade classrooms will be playing with Legos as they learn stories from the Bible. This group will work from the Building Faith Brick By Brick: An Imaginative Way to Explore the Bible with Children by Emily Slichter Given, and The Brick Bible by Brendan Powell Smith. Both curricula, “reach into the stories of God while digging deep down into an enormous bin of Lego bricks. A divine pairing indeed.”

4th & 5 grade classrooms will combine classes for the fall and enjoy a speaker series. Each week, the class will learn from a different speaker on a topic close to their heart. Speakers include members of our clergy, two children’s outreach groups, parishioner John Ward, and more! Once the new year comes, the two grades will work from Hearts Alive, a lectionary-based Gospel-centered curriculum targeted to this age group.

During the second semester, these classes will work from the New Growth Press: Heart’s Alive Curriculum, with special lessons during the season of Lent.