JOY Ministry at Christ Church

Welcome to JOY Ministry at Christ Church! JOY (Just Older Youth) Ministry is specifically designed to serve parishioners who are 60 and older and those who care for and love them. Our mission is to support Senior members of Christ Church as we transition into later seasons of life.

Our goals are to:

  • Build community among Seniors through participation in church activities.
  • Be a channel of communication for church activities that are of interest to Seniors.
  • Develop new resources for Seniors as needs are identified.
  • Advocate for Senior members.

If you would like to learn more about the JOY ministry, or have a question, an idea, or a need, please contact the church office at 919-834-6259 and ask to be put in touch with a JOY committee member. We are here to support you!

JOY Special Offerings

Watch this space for special events and opportunities.

Parish Life Ministries Serving the JOY Community

Lunch & Learn

A variety of programs, both secular and religious, are offered for fellowship and learning.

Prime Time

Group of adults, mostly ages 60 and older, who meet monthly in homes of members for dinner and fellowship.

For a full list of Parish Life ministries and contact information, visit Parish Life.


Pastoral Care Ministries Serving the JOY Community

Friendly Visitors

Trained parishioners visit at least once per month and develop one-on-one relationships with those who are homebound or who express a desire for a new friendship.

Grief Support

Small groups are formed once a year (or more) to gather with a trained facilitator to process, learn, share and mend from the experience of bereavement.

Pastors’ Aide

Parishioners deliver casseroles and stews to those in times of need or illness.

Prayer Shawls

Parishioners knit and crochet shawls which represent the love of God and the Church, and they are blessed by the clergy and delivered to those in need of comfort.

Stephen Ministry

Trained parishioners provide weekly one-on-one spiritual companionship for those experiencing a crisis, loss, or life transition.


Parishioners contact those experiencing joys and sorrows and pass along the love and support of Christ Church.

For a full list of Pastoral Care ministries and contact information, visit Pastoral Care.


Additional Ministries Serving the JOY Community

A Good and Holy End

  • Conversations around the end of life – video resource.
  • Distribution of ashes in the Memorial Garden. To request that ashes be interred in the Christ Church Memorial Garden, please contact our Pastoral Care Coordinator.
  • Finishing Well: Use this link to access the Finishing Well booklet, which provides a guide for making practical plans for the end of life.

Prayer List

  • Sunday list: For parishioners and their relatives who wish to have their names read in Sunday services.
  • Daily list: A more confidential and far-reaching daily prayer list prayed over by clergy and Daughters of the King

Please contact our Pastoral Care Coordinator to be added to prayer lists.

Weekly Mailing

Prefer postal mail or don’t have access to email?  By request, the church will send you a hardcopy version of its weekly reflection and Sunday bulletin prayer list. Contact the church office at 919-834-6259.