Pit Stop for Parents

As our children grow up, life only begins to move faster. In the midst of school and activities, we can often miss the experience of faith development and a deeper understanding of relationship in the family. The hope is to allow a space where parents can stop and reflect on how we can help our children develop through communication and connection with their family and faith. Classes are offered periodically with a different guest speaker, target age group, and focus or theme.

Stay tuned for our next Pit Stop!

Advent Resources for Parents:

  • Radiant Birth: Advent Readings for a Bright Season, edited by Leslie Fields – This is an excellent book of daily readings composed by some of the strongest theologians are also very accessible in their teaching.
  • Kate Bowler’s Guide to Advent – This free, print at home guide offers a daily reading and some reflection questions.
  • First Light and Eventide: A Daily Gratitude Journal by Tsh Oxenreider
  • Karyn Henly’s musical Nativity Story available on Spotify
  • Having “The Talk” about Santa

Advent Resources for Parents to use with Kids:

Contact Liz Howes, Director of Parish Programs lhowes@ccral.org with questions and check out recordings below: