Environmental Stewardship

Creation Care at Christ Church

In 2017, the Environmental Stewardship Committee was established with the mission of finding ways to help protect and preserve the earth as one more way to honor and worship God.

The committee began with a focus on starting a composting program. With the help of a local company, the committee and the church have made great progress in a short period of time! Since September 2017, parishioners have composted food scraps and paper at Episcopal Youth Community (EYC) dinners, at Advent dinners, Vestry meetings, ECW lunches and more. All of this material would have gone into the Raleigh landfill. Instead, we have produced hundreds of pounds of rich soil for donation to community gardens in Wake County and saved hundreds of pounds of methane, a dangerous greenhouse gas, from the landfill.

If you’d like to learn more about Environmental Stewardship at Christ Church, contact Nell Joslin – nelldjoslin@gmail.com.