Accessible Parking + Entrances

On weekdays, accessible parking is available in our main parking lot on the corner of Blount and Edenton Streets and on New Bern Place.

On Sundays, additional accessible parking is available in front of Christ Church on Wilmington Street (across from the State Capitol Building).

Wheelchair access...
... to church offices and to our Baker Wing elevator is available from the East Entrance (Blount/Edenton Streets) and the South Entrance (New Bern Place, adjacent to the playground).

... to the church sanctuary is available on Wilmington Street (across from the State Capitol Building).

Children and Youth Programs

We invite and encourage all to participate with our programs and worship services. We know that each child is unique and sometimes requires special care and efforts with programs. Please feel free to contact our ministry directors to help our programs meet your family's unique and individual needs.

Our Children’s ministry program offers activity bags for children during worship services, including red sensory bags (fidgets, weighted lap animals, and noise canceling headphones) for any worshipers who might have sensory sensitivities. Red canvas bags are with our usher teams on Sunday mornings.

Loop Assistive Listening System

Our Parish Hall is equipped with an induction loop system which transmits the spoken word directly and clearly to a listener's hearing aid equipped with a T-coil. Additionally, receivers are available for listeners without T-coil-equipped hearing aids.

Large Print Available

Large Print versions of The Book of Common Prayer are available at all services. Simply ask an usher or greeter to provide a copy for you.

Braille Signage

Available on directional signage throughout our facilities.