And so, the two shall become one flesh.

  • Mark 10:8

Holy matrimony is the only sacrament that serves both a civil and religious purpose. While couples can choose to be married legally anywhere, those who seek a service of marriage in the church do so with a spirit of both celebration and reverence.

Holy matrimony was established by God in creation for the purpose of joining together two people into a holy, lifelong union. With the gathered community present, the couple makes vows to each other, and to God, and is assured of the community’s prayers and support, and of God’s blessing.

Marriage is not to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly, and as such, the couple engages in pre-marital counseling with the officiating priest prior to the celebration and blessing of the marriage.

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A marriage ceremony that takes place at Christ Church implies an ongoing relationship with the couple and the church. Persons who wish to be married in Christ Church must be a member for one year, or be the child of one who has been a member for at least one year before a wedding can be scheduled.