Featured Offerings

Blessing of the Backpacks

Please join us as we kick off the school year on Sunday, Aug. 16, from 4 until 5 p.m. We’re excited to host a drive-through backpack/device blessing to kick off the 2020 school year. Your Children and Youth Ministry program leaders miss you so much! We’ll be on hand, as will our wonderful clergy, who will offer their prayers and blessings for a meaningful year of instruction! We are also using this as an outreach opportunity to support Neighbor 2 Neighbor. They have asked for the following school supplies, which we will collect during the backpack blessing – 3-subject notebooks, 2-inch binders, and mechanical pencils. These items will support their onsite programs this fall.

Families and Faith—For Parents of Young Children

As parents, we hope to cultivate a spiritual life for our families and young children.  This often can feel challenging as children have faith; however, they may not automatically acquire the words and actions to express their faithfulness.  We hope this will be a place to support parents on their journey as they nurture families and young children spiritually.  We will look at praying with children and discussing ways to create sacred space at home, as well as reflect on the holy moments that happen each day.

Holy Ground: A Group for Moms to Reflect Upon Racism

Starting September 10, The Rev. Mary Davila and Katie McKenzie will convene a group whose mission is to serve as a space for white mothers to honestly explore our own unintended conditioning and behaviors related to prejudice, discrimination, and racism. We intend to learn with an open mind and humble heart in order to deepen our commitment to racial and social justice. We will read the book White Fragility and discuss our own particular experiences with race. More information will be forthcoming, but please know that the group meets via Zoom on Thursday evenings from 7:30-8:45 through October 29. Group size is limited to 12, and registration will take place on August 24. Questions? Contact Mary or Katie.